The Wonderful World of Web Widgets

A web widget is a bit of code you add to a webpage or blog. Once a widget’s code is pasted into a page, it can grab updated information or display interactive content. Learn about places to find, customize, and use free embed code that displays information right on your own website. Your website will thank you for the fresh, new content!

Web widgets go by different names, including HTML embeds, embed code, plug-ins, and gadgets. Chances are your website has a way for you to paste the HTML code into your page so that it displays a widget. Each platform has a different method for inserting the code. If your platform is not listed under Embedding Instructions, try searching Google or YouTube for a tutorial.

Explore the world of web widgets...

You deserve an embedded compliment...

My compliment widget above is a work in progress. But in case you're interested, I used to turn my compliment generator page into a widget. Here are my instructions for making your own random compliment page.


src="" height="480" width="80%" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">You need an iframes capable browser to view this content.</iframe>