Social Media

Twitter: Use Twitter's Publish page to create a new widget. A widget can embed tweets, timelines, and buttons. 

Instagram: Use to embed a grid of the most recent photo from your Instagram feed. The free version will include your 6 most recent posts. Another option is However, LightWidget costs $10 to upgrade your widget to be compatible with most websites.

Pinterest: Use Pinterest's Widget Builder to embed a pin, board, or profile. Pinterest's widgets do require some extra code to be inserted near the end of your page. You'll see this mentioned in red on the Widget Builder page.


Facebook: Use Facebook's Social Plugins to get embed code for a Page. Facebook's widgets do require some extra code to be inserted on your page. You'll see this when you get the embed code.

Periscope: Embed an on-air button that pulses red when a specific Periscope account is broadcasting live. When the button is clicked, a tab opens to the account's Periscope profile. See a bunch of these embedded buttons on my Educational Periscope Broadcasters page. To embed a replay of a Periscope broadcast, you'll need to embed the Twitter post with the broadcast link.