Video Embeds

YouTube: YouTube provides embed code for videos. On a video's page click Share → Embed → Show More and uncheck Show suggested videos before copying the embed code. Furthermore, here's how to start the embedded video at a specific start time.

Adobe Spark Video: Create simple narrated slideshows online at or with the iOS app. Save the video online and Adobe provides embed code.

Educreations: Create screencasts with Educreations free iPad app. Narrate as you draw, type, and import photos. After saving online, you can click Share and then copy the embed code. Flash is required to play back the embedded video.

Explain Everything: Create narrated slideshows, screencasts, and animations using Explain Everything's iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, Android, or Windows app. Publish to Explain Everything's portal (called Discover). Then click the <> button that appears when you hover over the video to access the embed code. Unlike Educreations, Explain Everything embeds do not require Flash. Publishing to Explain Everything Discover requires a subscription.