Video Embeds

YouTube: YouTube provides embed code for videos. On a video's page click Share → Embed → Show More and uncheck Show suggested videos before copying the embed code. Furthermore, here's how to start the embedded video at a specific start time.

Adobe Spark Video: Create simple narrated slideshows online at or with the iOS app. Save the video online and Adobe provides embed code.

Educreations: Create screencasts with Educreations free iPad app. Narrate as you draw, type, and import photos. After saving online, you can click Share and then copy the embed code.

Explain Everything: Create narrated slideshows, screencasts, and animations using Explain Everything's iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, Android, or Windows app. Publish to Explain Everything's portal (called Discover). Then click the <> button that appears when you hover over the video to access the embed code. Unlike Educreations, Explain Everything embeds do not require Flash. Publishing to Explain Everything Discover requires a subscription.