Google Suite Apps

Google DocsAfter embedding a Google Doc, changes made to the document will automatically be applied to the next time the widget is loaded. This makes for an easy way to update info on a  website. You might need to add some extra code to the embed code to get the proper sized widget. Example: <iframe src="LINK" height="600px" width="100%"></iframe>

Google FormsCollect information, polls, and surveys right on your website by embedding a Google Form. Get the embed code for a form by clicking Send while in edit view. Then click the <> tab. 

Google Calendar: You can add an interactive version of a calendar to your site. Here are the directions.


Google Drawings: Use the drawings tools to create a graphic. In your Drawings document, click the File menu and choose Publish to the web. Click Embed and choose a size. Then click Publish and copy the code.

Google Slides: Embed a slideshow on your page. When you update the presentation on Google Slides, it will automatically be updated on your site. This is great for newsletters and photo slideshows—simply make the newest addition the first slide so that's what visitors see on your page.

Google Maps: In Street View, click the three dots to access the menu. Click Share or Embed, choose a size, and click Embed to get the code. Here's how to share a map or location.