A podcast is audio or video on the web that can be cataloged and automatically downloaded.

Casting for Student Achievement Wiki

Radio WillowWeb: Audio podcast from elementary students in Omaha, Nebraska

Divisible by 3 Narrated Slideshow

$500 Decision Digital Story

Digital Storytelling involves using technology to share a personal narrative with others. The narrative has a theme and is emotional. Digital Storytelling combines a passionate voiceover with music and photos. Ideas for digital stories.

Audacity Tutorial Video

50 MP3s: Zip file and list of titles

Copyright Friendly Audio and Images: Copyleft Images & Sound, WebQuest Free Media List, Guide to Making Your Own Sound Effects, and Tony's bookmarks tagged 'copyright'

Make your own music with Myna. Read about it on Tony's blog.

Posterous: Simple way to publish audio podcasts. Just email post@posterous.com. Read Tony's blog post and watch his video about using Posterous for podcasting.

Instructionsfor combining Audacity's audio and images using Movie Maker

Opening sequencevideo for MCSD podcasts

Zamzar: Upload .wmv files and Zamzar converts and emails you them in iPod's .mp4 format.

Publish video podcasts using PodOMatic.

Make Marvelous MoviesPDF.

One-click subscription to TonyVincent.info.