Interesting Way to Protect Your Tablet: iBallz

There are a lot of interesting accessories for mobile devices and iBallz is certainly one of them. iBallz is designed for iPad 1 and 2 but also fits other similar-sized tablets. Made by Friendly Integration LLC, iBallz offers protection by placing a styrofoam ball at each corner of a device.

The balls are kept in place by a tight elastic rope, which Friendly Integration suggests can be used for handling your device. Besides protection from drops, iBallz says it can offer protection from liquid spills because the device is safely suspended above any table.

Friendly Integration sent me a set of iBallz to review. I'm all for innovative designs, but I don't keep iBallz on my personal iPad because it looks silly. However, I think that iBallz could be a nice solution for all those iPad-using toddlers (and less expensive than more fun or more durable cases). With the availability of bright colors, iBallz really do seem like an accessory for kids. I think their newer Minis look slightly less comical.

I found it challenging to put iBallz on my iPad. However, once in place, they remained tightly on my iPad. I also put iBallz on my Acer Iconia Android tablet. It's a thicker tablet and iBallz sometimes slipped off.

Friendly Integration has a line of cases and sleeves that are made to accommodate an iPad with iBallz. It makes me giggle to see iBallz sticking out of the corners.

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A couple of other interesting accessories include earbud cable management that looks like an apple's core and a stand for iPad so that you don't have to to hold it.