Reflection Facilitated by QR Codes

Reflection is an essential part of learning. Yes, it often hard to fit in the time for reflection. It's also challenging to make reflection something that doesn't seem boring and tedious. To help make reflection a little more fun, I've made a reflection question generator and dice that can help students express their responses. Both the generator and dice use QR codes and serendipity to call up reflection questions and avenues for responding. 


When it’s time for students to reflect on a lesson, unit, activity, or project, have them scan the Reflection Question card. One of over 25 reflection questions will appear each time the question card is scanned. Questions include "What was most challenging?", "What helped your learning?", and "When something got hard, what did you do to help yourself?" James Zull (2002)  points out that reflection is a search for connections, and we need to consider the role of emotions if we want to strengthen learning. I was sure to include questions about connections and feelings in the list that the QR codes pulls from.

Oh, and, actually, you don't need to scan the code to get a random question. You can simply click here: The QR code sends you to that URL.

Reflections can be powerful when shared with others. The dice (which you will cut out, fold, and glue) has five options and one free choice to help students express their responses with partners or groups. Options include drawing the response, making the response rhyme, and creating a visual quote. Each code on the dice leads to a helpful mobile-friendly resource for that option.



Because the QR codes serve up webpages, both the Reflection Question card and the dice require an internet connection. 

Download a printable PDF by clicking the image below.  You are welcome and make as many question cards and dice as you'd like.

Update: Wondering how I created a link that randomly displays a reflection question? Read my post Take a Chance with This HTML: Random Messages and Links.

To learn about QR codes, watch Learning in Hand #25: QR Codes by clicking the image below.