A Collection of Project Based Learning End Products

I’m always on the lookout for products created by students through project based learning experiences. I'd rather see what students create to express their answer to a driving question than just read a summary of the project. I can find loads project ideas and descriptions online, but it’s much harder to find quality end products by students. 

I've spent quite some time searching all over the internet for end products. I think these samples can be used as inspiration for your own projects. And, critiquing these samples can help students think of ways to make their own productions better.

What I look for in projects:

  • The project answers a driving question.
  • The production is made by students or documents students’ learning.
  • The production is made for an audience.
  • The project is open-ended, so each end production is different.
  • The product is hosted publicly online.
  • Read more about project based learning.

Elementary (Pre-Kindergarten – Second Grades)

Elementary (Third – Fifth Grades)

Middle School (Sixth – Eighth Grades)

High School (Ninth – Twelfth Grades)

As I wrote above, you can find plenty of sources for project ideas. Here are some good ones:

Got an end product to share? Please leave a link in the comments! I will periodically update this page with more sample projects. 

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