Top Web Links (and Tweets) from 2015

Tony's Top Web Links from 2015

Tony's Top Web Links from 2015

If you follow me on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, or Google Plus, you might have noticed that I share links using my very own URL shortener called This not only makes a short and cute web address, it also tracks the number of clicks each link receives. This means I can easily see the most popular links I shared during 2015. 

Let's see what got the most clicks...

Tony's Top Tweets from 2015

And now for my top tweets from each month of 2015...

For a throwback to 2014, click over to the post with my top links and tweets from 2014.


In case you were wondering...

One way to have your own URL shortener is to buy the domain and use YOURLS, free software that runs on a web server. Wesley Fryer has written up how he set up YOURLS for his shortener,

If you want stats on the links you share, and you don't care about having a customized URL, create an account at You get a report of all of the things you've shortened through in your account dashboard.

There are lots of other options for keeping statistics about what you post online, including ThinkUpHootsuiteSocialBroBuffer, and Twitter Analytics. Whichever tools you use to track clicks, it really is interesting to see what is the most popular out of what you share online.