Register for Handheld Learning 2009

Handheld Learning 2009I'm often asked about conferences about handhelds and mobile learning for educators. There used to be a few conferences across the U.S. dedicated to this subject. Unfortunately, none of these conferences are around today. There is, however, a conference in London called Handheld Learning. I've reviewed the conference in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Registration is open for Handheld Learning 2009. This year's theme is "Creativity, Innovation, Inclusion, & Transformation." As I've seen the conference evolve, I can tell you that it now excels at offering a compelling mix of lectures, debates, showcases, breakouts, networking, and socializing. This year will have a large iPod touch focus, as many of the attendees are receiving one as part of their registration. I'll be presenting a session about using iPod touch for creativity. I'll also take part in my favorite activity from last year's conference: Pecha Kucha. That's were presenters give talks that are exactly 6 minutes and 20 seconds. It turns out that being pushed by the clock not only makes for concise presentations, but it can be pretty humorous to watch.

Handheld Learning is October 5th-7th, and it's definitely an international conference where all are welcome. Standard registration goes through September 25th.