for Inexpensive iPhone & iPod Accessories

Monoprice.comiPod and iPhone accessories can be costly. Apple charges $19 for a syncing cable, $29 for a wall plug, $29 for earbuds with a microphone, and around $25 for a protective case.

I'd like to tell you about a website where you can find equivalent products that are a fraction of the price. It's called According to the website, " eliminates high costs for fancy packaging and middlemen. Also, we are able to purchase in large volume." The site really does have great prices and reasonable shipping rates for many different kinds of products, focusing on cables, adapters, and home theater.

Monoprice offers several products that iPod and iPhone users would find useful. Monoprice has some of the best prices I have seen. It's a great place to order individual items and for schools that might order in bulk (they do accept school and government purchase orders).

These items may interest you...

Wall Charger
iPhone/iPod Wall Charger - $3.42 each
This charger plugs into a wall outlet so you don't need to charge from a USB port on a computer. These are great to send home with students to ensure the iPod they are using doesn't run out of juice.
Sync Cable
USB Sync Cable - $1.53 each
Sync and charge an iPod or iPhone with this cable, which is almost identical to the one that came with the device. Classrooms may need extras to send home with students or to construct a syncing station. I like to carry an extra in my bag, just in case I need it.
Battery Pack
Backup Battery Pack - $8.37 each
Attach this spare battery to the bottom of an iPod or iPhone to extend its charge. I like that this battery pack charges using a standard iPod USB sync cable or wall charger (like the two items above) so there's no need to have yet another cable/charger to worry about.
Earbuds with Mic
Earphones with Mic - $3.30 each
These include an in-line microphone, like the earphones that come with iPhones. Besides iPhones, the mic on these earphones works with 4th generation iPod nanos and 2nd generation iPod touches. The mic can be used with apps like Voice Memos and Skype. Don't need the mic and want to save a dollar? Then get earphones without the mic.
Cases - about $1 each
Protect iPhones and iPods from scratches and drops with a variety of silicone and crystal cases for cheap. Monoprice has a variety of colors, which could be used to color-code a class set of iPods. For added protection, you can pick up protective film for iPhones and iPod touches for $1.27.
USB Hub - about $16.20 each
This USB hub has 7 ports and is self-powered. You can use it to sync and charge multiple iPods at once. Check out how Patrick Ledesma used USB hubs for syncing multiple iPod touches.