Podcast: Southeast Missouri Tech Conference

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I demonstrated podcasting to a group of fantastic teachers at the Southeast Regional Professional Development Center's Technology Conference August 4-5, 2005. The conference took place at Southeast Missouri State University and I had a blast showcasing two of my favorite topics: handheld computing and podcasting!

In fact, as part of the closing keynote speech, conference participants and I created a podcast before their very eyes! Not only was I able to show how to make a podcast using GarageBand and iTunes, but the exercise turned out to be a great reflection activity to conclude the conference.

Photos from the Conference

It's amazing to think we put together a podcast in less than a half-hour, but we did! Want to hear it? Click here to listen to the three-and-a-half minute recording.

Music by Emry, a former fifth grader from Willowdale Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska.