Podcasting Pages

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, only 13% of online Americans know what podcasting is. 64% are not really sure, and 23% have never even heard the term before. Whether you're familiar with podcasting or not, I invite you to take a look at learninginhand's updated Podcasting section. The updated pages make the process more clear. I try to help you find podcasts, subscribe to podcasts, and listen to podcasts. Also, if you're feeling ambitious or curious, you can read about creating podcasts with students.

Girl with iPod
If you're really interested in podcasting, you can learn more from these sites:

iPodcast Directory for Educators

Lots of examples and links to resources from the U.K.

Trend: Podcasting in Academic and Corporate Learning
Read about how podcasting can be used in education

Pod People
Short article from Edutopia magazine about cool new uses of iPods by teachers

A Podcast of Your Own
Learn techniques for making your voice heard on the internet