Troubleshooting eBook

Palm OS Troubleshooting GuideHaving troubles beaming? Are you getting fatal errors? Syncing problems, perhaps? There's a handy reference from K12Handhelds called the Palm OS Troubleshooting Guide. You can download it for free in eReader or FlingIt/Plucker formats. It's not only useful to teachers, but to students as well. Whether it's given to an expert group or the entire class, students can help diagnose and solve problems with handhelds. Here's the table of contents:

  • Power problems
  • Date/time problems
  • Tapping problems
  • Beaming problems
  • HotSync user name
  • Freeze/fatal error problems
  • Data loss problems
  • Desktop problems
  • Installation problems
  • Syncing problems
  • Documents to Go problems