Podcast with Palm's Martha Rolley

MicrophoneHolly Jobe, from Montgomery Country in Pennsylvania, recorded an interview with Martha Rolley, educator and Director of Education Marketing at Palm, Inc. While at the National Educational Computing Conference, Martha shared some insights into handheld computing in education. One of the most eye-opening statements was Martha's remark that schools need to move from "loanership" to "ownership" when it comes to students and handhelds. Martha tells us to think about it this way: How do you drive a rental car versus driving your own car? Which do you treat better? When students have handhelds of their own, they treat them with much more respect.

Holly's interviews are part of a podcast called Getting To One. It features interviews with many educators about a variety of topics, not just technology. Also, there's even an interview with yours truly about podcasting.

Listen to the MP3 audio file of Holly's interview with Martha Rolley in your browser or go to the Getting To One podcast in iTunes.