Software Updates

Brian Shau has updated two Palm applications. Angles v1r4 now includes an option to include or not include reflex angles (which are angles that are greater than 180 degrees). Also, GoneMad! v1r5 fixes several bugs and includes a keyword help menu. To update your software, simply install. The new versions will replace the older versions.

In fact, it never occurs to many handheld users to update their software. Updating is important because programmers often fix bugs that may be making your handheld crash. Also, updates usually contain great new features, bug fixes, and compatibility with the newest hardware. Quizzler 4.0, eReader 2.6.1, Idea Pad 3.1, and FlingIt 2.7 are some freeware Palm OS titles that educators often use and have been updated recently. To see what version you are using, choose Info from the File menu from the Palm’s home screen.