New Blog Look & Features

As you can see, I've made some changes to my blog. Up until now, I have used KidzLog software to publish this blog. While KidzLog is easy to use, it does not allow for readers to add comments. I've switched to Blogger (I will continue to use KidzLog for the weblogs at my elementary school, however). With the new set-up through Blogger, I can include more than one image per post. In addition, I can post from any computer, not just the one I have the software loaded on. The best new feature is that now you (yes, you!) can make comments on my blog posts! There are talented educators who read this blog regularly and I want everyone to be able to read what they have to say. So please, feel free to add information, critique, correct, question, or agree with any of my posts! Add your comments by clicking the orange link at the end of a post. Read any comments by clicking the date of the post.

The nearly 100 blog posts I made beginning in October 2004 will continue to be archived. Just click on the links at the right. Don't forget you can search learninginhand, including all blog posts. Also, for those of you who subscribe to the blog, there is a new RSS feed. It's