Animation Gallery

Sketchy ExamplesI've finally got around to posting many of the great Sketchy animations I've recently collected from students and teachers. learninginhand's Sketchy Animation Gallery now includes 20 animation examples. The gallery contains some great uses of GoKnow's Sketchy software. There are examples of showing the definition of a word, solving a math problem, retelling a story, illustrating a process, communicating facts, and more. You're probably wondering how I was able take these animation off the handhelds and put them on the web I used GoKnow's Palm Archive and Application Manager (a.k.a. PAAM). It's part of their Handheld Learning Environment and makes it possible to synchronize your handheld to a website. Then you can access many kinds of handheld documents through the PAAM website, like Sketchy animations. You can download these animations as GIFs. The animated GIFs can be used in slide show applications like PowerPoint or put into web pages. There are more Sketchy animation examples online. Check out GoKnow's 2004-2005 Sketchy Contest Winners. By the way, Sketchy is available for Palm and Pocket PC.