The George Lucas Education Foundation publishes the very glossy magazine Edutopia: The New World of Learning. I've subscribed since the first issue, and really enjoy it. It's about teaching and learning in today's schools. In the current issue, #5, Edutopia addresses two of my favorite topics: podcasting and blogging. Edutopia is about much more than technology, though you're bound to find great articles about handheld computing within its pages. The magazine has a great layout, is very colorful, entertaining, inspiring, and super informative. In fact, back in the Fall 2003 issue (from before Edutopia became a bimonthly publication), there was an article titled "The Write Stuff" about using handhelds for improving writing. The George Lucas Education Foundation also has a great website, full of videos, links, and great ideas.

Oh, and you can subscribe to Edutopia for free! Just click here to subscribe.