100% of Homework Turned In On Time!

There's yet another newspaper article featuring the use of handheld computers in a school. This one is from Pennsylvania. Twenty eighth-graders at White Oak's St. Angela Merici School used Zire 72s and wireless keyboards for learning. The handhelds were purchased with funds through a $10,000 grant awarded to teachers Diane Johnston and Judi Butler. They started using them this last school year and have seen great results. In fact, according to the article, "Johnston said she saw a dramatic increase in the number of assignments completed on time as a result of the program." Before using handhelds, about 75 percent of student work was turned in on time. But when students used handhelds for assignments, 100 percent of students turned their homework in on time. Wowzers!

Read the article "Students Hold Learning Keys in the Palm of Their Hands" from the McKeesport Daily News.