For Your Reading Pleasure

Reading GlassesThere have been a few short articles on this month about handhelds. TechLearning's PDQ (Professional Development QuickTips) has a page for setting up your handhelds. Since it is a QuickTip, there isn't much detail, but the page does offer good delimitations of freeware, shareware, and commercial software for handhelds. Another TechLearning PDQ is PDAs in the Classroom. This QuickTip discusses handhelds as a solution to one-to-one computing. It specifically mentions one of my favorite learning applications, Quizzler. Check out three years worth of QuickTips on the Archive page.

The IT Guy is another regularly updated section of The most current The IT Guy is by Wesley Fryer called iPods in the Classroom? It gives reasons why iPods are a viable platform for content delivery and creation in schools. iPods in the Classroom? is also a short article and gets its point across quickly.

Also published this month is Smart Technologies' Interactive Educator. Like Edutopia and Technology & Learning Magazine, The Interactive Educator is a free publication that can be snail mailed to your home or school. Check out pages 38 and 39 for an article written by gadget guru Kathy Schrock. "All the Rage for a Reason" gives reasons why handhelds are a great solution for education. This article may give you some helpful talking points (as if you didn't have enough already) for convincing others to fund putting handhelds in your school. Kathy suggests top-of-the-line handheld hardware like the Palm LifeDrive or HP's iPAQ rx3715. (Unfortunately, my school could never afford such luxuries--and we like our Tungsten Es just fine.)

Happy Reading!