Blog Reading Tips

Student with HandheldThere's over a year's worth of blogging in nearly 200 posts on! You may not have realized it, but all of those posts are archived. When on the main blog page, only the most recent posts are displayed. To access the archived content, simply click the links on the right. For instance, clicking October 2004 will bring up blog posts about using flash cards in fun ways, a site for using Excel for unexpected tasks, and more. Clicking April 2004 will bring up a post with a link to pictures kindergartners were so kind to draw of me.

Beginning in June 2005, I switched to using the free Blogger service for this blog. This allows readers to add comments to posts. In orange below each post, you'll see a comment number. If there are comments, click the orange link for the date the the entry was posted; the comments will appear below the entry. The readers of this blog are so very insightful, so take some time to read their comments. Many times the comments include incredibly useful tips or great software suggestions.

Selecting Search from learninginhand's menu will search all pages in the site, including blog posts. Try searching for the terms "Soloway" and "pose" for a really entertaining blog entry.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog week after week. I can only hope it is as much fun to read as it is to write!