New Discussion Forums Are Here!

MegaphoneAfter pressure from several readers and conference-goers (you know who you are--and thanks for the nudge), I have added Discussion Forums to learninginhand! Different from a blog, discussion forums are a public place where users can post messages and where they can reply to messages. That means you can start the topic--you don't have to wait for me to blog about it!

What kinds of things can we expect in the discussion forums? I'm hoping to see things like:

  • success stories
  • software recommendations
  • implementation questions and answers
  • podcast reviews
  • conference session summaries
  • software wish lists
  • veteran users coaching less experienced ones
  • sharing of online resources
  • connections among educators in different school buildings
  • lesson and activity suggestions
  • conference and workshop annoucements
  • posts relating to material discussed in the Soft Reset podcast
Click here to visit the new Discussion Forums! Since we're just starting out, there aren't many posts...yet. So take some time to register and post. You'll be glad you did.