Show What You Know Using Web & Mobile Apps - Version 4

Nowadays teachers and students have a variety of ways to show what they know and to express themselves. Take a look at some of the hottest online and mobile tools for showing, explaining, and retelling in my infographic, "Show What You Know Using Web & Mobile Apps." These web and iPad apps can turn students into teachers and teachers into super-teachers! Furthermore, most of the apps listed in the infographic are free of charge.

Updated February 2015 with 11 of the 44 apps in "Show What You Know" replaced with even better apps! New additions include Chatterpix Kids,  RecorderHQ, Vocaroo (to replace the defunct RecordMP3), Shadow Puppet Edu, PixlrTeleStory, Toontastic (now that it's 100% free), and Purpose Games.

You can download the infographic as a PDF by clicking the image below. Web links and app names are hyperlinked within the PDF for one-click access to the apps and resources.

In case you'd like to print the infographic and actually be able to read it, I've made a version available that spans across four pages for printing.