Nouns Nouns Nouns: Single, Plural & Possessive

Singular nouns name one person, place, or thing. Plural nouns name more than one person place or thing. Possessive nouns show ownership or possession. Singular and plural nouns can be possessive.

Play this puzzle to see if you can correctly sort the words into five categories:

  • Singular Nouns
  • Plural Nouns
  • Singular Possessive Nouns
  • Plural Possessive Nouns
  • None of the above (the trash)

Download the puzzle file: Open this link on your iPad and then choose to Open in Stick Around. You need to have Stick Around installed on your iPad in order to play this puzzle. Download Stick Around from the App Store.

Scan to download the puzzle file.

Scan to download the puzzle file.


After playing, you may want to make a puzzle using your own words. Here's a project file with the background. Simply add text stickers with the four different types of nouns and make an answer key. Download the project file.


Add your own text stickers to the project file to make your own version of this puzzle.


Third graders at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School play the puzzle before making their own.