Animal Collective Nouns

A collective noun is one word that names a groups of people, animals, things, or ideas. You probably know collective nouns like band, team, family, class, and committee.

There can be multiple collective nouns for one kind of animal, and you might not have heard of some of them. For example, did you know that a smack names a group of jellyfish? Also, brood is another word that names a group of jellyfish.

Play this puzzle to see if you can correctly match collective nouns with the animals they name.

Download the puzzle file: Open this link on your iPad and then choose to Open in Stick Around. You need to have Stick Around installed on your iPad in order to play this puzzle. Download Stick Around from the App Store.

Scan to download the puzzle file.

Scan to download the puzzle file.


This puzzle was made using Stick Around's Grid template and images from The Noun Project. The web link presented on the puzzle's start screen leads to Wikipedia's list of collective nouns in English.

What's better than playing a puzzle? Creating one yourself! Stick Around is designed to enable teachers, students, and parents to make their own matching, sorting, and labeling puzzles.