Stick Around Review by Penina Rybak, MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH

I Love the Stick Around App for iPad!

January 2014 Review by Penina Pearl Rybak

As a speech therapist/Autism Specialist "in the trenches" for two decades, I have seen the power of visual learning and integrating play time i.e. toys & tech in treatment. As a social skills and iPad Evangelist in the Autism community, I have continuously advocated the crucial necessity in addressing pre-literacy skills (categorization of like/unalike items, sequencing etc.) BEFORE one targets specific social communication and academic goals in treatment. That's where this long awaited, worth-the-wait, unique, and awesome app comes in. Stick Around was designed by my colleague and iPad Expert Tony Vincent, whose Pinterest boards and website, Learning in Hand, have been resources I have raved about repeatedly! Both are MUST bookmarks, as I tell all my Socially Speaking™ Seminar attendees! Tony knows his stuff, and it shows! I have posted numerous links/PDFs that have been on his radar. I'm thrilled that he now got on MorrisCooke's radar and that together, they have produced this educational and entertaining app, a real winner! I previously reviewed another terrific app from that company, Explain Everything™, for my November 2013 App Pick of the Month and posted it to all my social channels. I am truly pleased to post about this one :) 

Stick Around is one of the first sophisticated yet simple, unlimited potential iOS apps I've seen with practical, fun, and user-friendly implications and ways to promote a concrete, visual "teachable moment" for all ages/stages of learning and all different kinds of students. It takes a student's learning preferences, combines it with an easy to navigate layout, and provides a robust "help section" (press the "I" on the app's toolbar) so that educators and parents of ALL kinds of children can:

  • Draw diagrams/mindmaps i.e. "flow-charts" re: lesson plans, sequences, and timelines for stories, activities, procedures, and more
  • Import photos and text snippets from the other apps in the iPad's library and/or the Explain Everything™ app, which works seamlessly within this app, IF it was pre-loaded onto the iPad 
  • Create sticker puzzles and a "key" i.e. legend so that self-quizzes and homework can be generated for practice and retention of learned vocabulary/skills
  • Improve their comprehension of object function and build their vocabulary while increasing their visual discrimination AND verbal categorization (inclusion/exclusion) skills in a more methodical and easy to track/document manner

Develop their problem solving, critical thinking, and Executive Functioning skills, which will/should make this app the darling of the special education community. However, it can be readily used by regular education high schoolers and even college students who need visual cues re: organization of projects, Project Based Learning (PBL), and time management! 

Final Words: Overall, the Stick Around app's features rock! It is a GREAT example of teaching in the iEra and of the kinds of learning experiences a 21st century student, especially one in special education needs: customizable, exportable, individualized, versatile, collaborative, and user-friendly! The inexpensive price tag ($2.99 USD) makes it a steal! Buy it now and see what I mean :) Kudos to Tony and the entire MorrisCooke team for a job well done! 

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