Better Save Than Sorry

Right now Stick Around is at version 1.0, and we know there are bugs to fix and features to add. You can rest assured that Stick Around will receive free updates that make the app more stable, refined, and useful.

We feel absolutely terrible when our users experience crashes and even worse if the crash results in data loss. While Stick Around is programmed to recover a lost project after a crash, there is the possibility that your hard work turns up missing.

We suggest periodically saving a project. While working on any phase of puzzle creation, click My Projects in the top left corner. You will be prompted to save your work. Then from the Project List, click your project and continue working.


It’s not cool to lose your work. If you do experience crashes, help us make Stick Around better by emailing It’s best if you can attach your puzzle (by clicking the Share button from within your project) and emailing from there. Also tell us which version of iOS you are using and what model of iPad.