February 22, 2012

  • ➙ Make Bingo boards to play online or to print out
  • Triple-Click ➙ Triple-click text to select the entire line or paragraph
  • Safari Reader View ➙ When viewing articles, click the Reader icon to view the page clutter-free with large text
  • ⌘-Tab ➙ Switch among your apps that are running
  • ➙ Access dozens of special characters to paste in any document
  • Slow-Mo ➙ Hold down Shift when clicking the yellow window minimize button to see it slurp into the Dock slowly
  • Print as PDF ➙ Save anything that you might print out as a PDF document by choosing PDF from the Print dialog box
  • Annotate PDFs ➙ Open a PDF in Preview and use the tools to add text, highlight, and draw on the document
  • Combine PDFs ➙ Drag files or thumbnails into the open Preview drawer of another document to combine them into one document
  • Rotate Images ➙ Open an image in Preview and choose Rotate under the Tools menu
  • Crop Images ➙ Open an image in Preview and draw a box over the area you want to keep and choose Tools > Crop
  • Talk to Chrome ➙ Install Google's Chrome browser and you can click the microphone on to search using your voice
  • Chrome Image Search ➙ Go to Google Image Search page in Chrome and drag an image file into the search box and Google will search for information about it
  • Chrome's Unibar ➙ There's no separate web address bar and search box in Chrome
  • Jump to a File ➙ When in Finder, type the first letter(s) of a file or app to jump to it in the listing
  • QRreader ➙ Free QR code scanning software (create QR codes for printing at - Student explains QR codes on YouTube
  • BCC ➙ Avoid the "reply all problem" by sending mass emails to yourself and all other recipients in the BCC field