August 2015

The Chromebook Touchpad

Click: Simply touch in on the lower half of the touchpad. 

Right Click: Click the touchpad with two fingers.

Scroll: Place two fingers on the touchpad and move them up and down or left and right to scoll.

Drag and Drop: Click the item you want to move with one finger. With the second finger, move the item. Release both fingers to drop the item at its new location.

Google Tone

Get this extension at Be sure to give it permission to use your microphone so that it can listen for tones that carry web links (so you don't have to type them in).

Getting to Know Chrome

Here's a ThingLink interactive picture that annotates the Chrome screen.

Play a game to see how well you know Chromebook's keyboard shortcuts. Create games like this at

Enable Offline Google Drive Sync by going to and clicking the gear icon and choosing Settings. Check the option the says, "Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline."

Doing Stuff on Chrome

Google Forms and Sheets can help you collect information from parents and assessment data from students. Read Tony's intro to Google Forms and find out what else it can do.

Tony gets his simple icons and symbols from The Noun Project.

Google Drawings is part of Google Drive and provides an expandable canvas to place text, images, and shapes. The file can be saved as .JPG, .PNG, and .PDF.

Google Slides is part of Google Drive and provides unlimited slides, which can contain text, images, and shapes.

Pixiclip at is a website that provides a recordable whiteboard. Saved screencasts are viewable online at the URL Pixiclip provides.

Snagit is an extension that allows you to record your screen. When done, it saves a movie file into a Techsmith folder inside your Google Drive.

Explain Everything is a Chrome app that provides a recordable whiteboard with multiple slides. The final product can be output to your Google Drive or YouTube. Explain Everything is free for the first 30 days.

Google Classroom is a learning management system where teachers can post announcements and assignments and students can comment and turn in assignments. The code for our group is zuq27y.

Quizizz is an online assessment and competitive game where students race to correctly answer a series of multiple choice questions. Questions can have images and you can start your quiz game from scratch or duplicate one that's already made.