Mobile Sites & Lesson Simulations

This guest post is written by Megan Iemma.

Last year I discovered It's a website that lets you create up to 3 free websites (.mobi's) I had a presentation to do, so I created a wiki plus two mobi's for the session. The great thing about that it is viewable on any mobile device plus your laptop. It's like creating a website, however I would suggest you do some planning first as once you create a page you can't re-order it. There are some really good widgets you can add to these mobile sites.

I created a simulation for a recent Australian conference (ACEC2010) titled iPod, iLearn. This involved using a map (Australia with the States) marked in and then using the model of Chinese Whispers and passing it around the room to different tasks. The test/assessment of the task was to use Puzzle Palace (smaller puzzle) to put back the puzzle pieces.

The idea of these simulations is to simulate how these could be used in the classroom. It is also using one idea and connecting those apps together. This is instead of using lots of apps for lots of activities rather that linking them together.  For this simulation I used CropForFree (to get the pic the right size), EtchASketch Lite, Comic Touch Lite and Puzzle Palace (or Up in the Pieces).

Megan Iemma a Music Technology/Mobile Learning Consultant in Australia. Her website is