iPad Backpack is Also Handsfree Frontpack

iBackFlip Studios sent me their Somersault iPad backpack. Its hallmark feature is its iPad mount. You can flip the backpack around to your front side, unzip the mount's compartment, and you instantly have iPad floating in front of you.  Your hands are free to do whatever you need them to do.


I can imagine situations where this can be great for teachers. They can walk about the room with instant access to an iPad. I'm particularly thinking of teachers who input data for student behavior into their iPads. With iBackFlip, the iPad can be right in front of her for easy access for data recording on the fly. Though, personally, I had success using a pocketable device for classroom data collection since I can simply pull it out of my pants pocket anytime.

There are times students benefit from having an iPad mounted in front of them, especially students who use iPad forassisted communication. Wearing iPad in an iBackFlip Somersault could ensure iPad will not be dropped while making the device readily accessible. The backpack is somewhat sizable, especially for a youngster. The viewing angle can make it difficult to see the bottom of the iPad screen because the Somersault itself gets in the way. Perhaps iBackFlip Studio's Somersault Slim would work better for students because it is not as bulky.

A few more observations:

  • The backpack has plenty of storage.
  • I could almost fit my 13" MacBook Air inside.
  • I need to lock iPad's screen rotation when iBackFlip Somersault is flipped down. Otherwise the screen is upside-down from my perspective.
  • It uses magnets to wake iPad when opened and to sleep iPad when closed. 
  • With some unzipping and folding, you can use iPad's camera without removing it from the mount.
  • The bag is very well constructed and has plenty of padding.

Read the product description, see photos, and view videos at iBackFlip Studios' product page for the Somersault.