Mirror iPad to Your Mac or PC with X-Mirage [Free Giveaway]

You might have heard of (and even use) AirServer or Reflector. You might not know there is a third option called X-Mirage.  All three install on a Mac or PC and allow iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches to mirror their displays to the computer using iOS's built-in AirPlay feature. AirPlay requires the computer and the iOS device to be on the same network. And that network must be able to support AirPlay in order for mirroring to work.

If mirroring does work, then you can display your computer's screen on a projector or large TV to wirelessly show what you see on your iPad's, iPhone's, or iPod touch's screen.


AirServer, Reflector, and X-Mirage each offer 7 day free trials. Check out my chart to see these and other iPad mirroring options compared.

To celebrate the release of X-Mirage's new Windows version, you can get a free code to use X-Mirage's PC version for a year. The giveaway ends Monday, June 30, 2014.