iPad as the Teacher's Pet

Update: iPad as the Teacher's Pet has been updated to Version 3! It's full of new apps, websites, and tips. Click to see the newest version!

Hey, teacher! Got an iPad? Then you've got a toolbox that you can fill to help you be an even better teacher! Spend some time with this infographic to discover how your iPad can be your handy assistant. It's filled with apps and services that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. 

It's all about verbs, that is, the things teachers can do with an iPad. Those actions include showing your screen on a projector, managing the classroom, assessing student work, interacting with students, accessing your files, making instructional media, and expanding professional learning. The infographic focuses mostly on free apps that you'll be able to put to use immediately. Those apps turn your iPad in a timer, interactive whiteboard, voice recorder, document camera, calendar, magazine, notebook, and much more.

So take a peek to see how iPad can help you capture learning artifacts, plan lessons, poll students, visualize concepts, share demonstrations, and much more.


Here's a very useful tip: Most of the app names and websites mentioned on the single-page PDF version of this document are hyperlinks. Go ahead, try clicking! 

While infographics aren't really meant to be printed, here is a 6 page version for printing. Here is a very large 24 page version. You can cut off the margins and tape the pages together to make a poster. 

There will be updates to this document. Please leave a comment with your suggestions for what to include in future versions.

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Some educators have printed out the infographic and posted pictures on Twitter!