Finding App Recommendations

With over 75,000 titles in the App Store, some help in discovering apps is welcome. iPhone and iPod touch users can get app recommendations based on apps they have downloaded with the newly released iPhone OS 3.1.

Here's how to turn on Genius App Recommendations:

  1. Launch the App Store app on your iPhone or iPod touch.
    App Store Icon
  2. Tap the Featured button at the bottom of the screen.
    Featured Button
  3. Tap the Genius button at the top of the screen.
    Genius Button
  4. If this is the first time Genius Recommendations for Apps has been accessed on the device, you will be prompted to turn on Genius. The screen tells you, "Turning on Genius Recommendations for Apps will send information about the apps you download to Apple." Click Turn on Genius.
    Turn On Genius
  5. Input your iTunes account password and tap OK.
    iTunes Password
  6. Read the Genius for Apps Terms of Service. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Agree. Then tap Agree in the dialog box at the bottom.
    Terms of Service
  7. "You've successfully turned on Genius for Apps." Tap Done.
  8. Scroll through the recommendations. Tap a recommendation to view the details page for the app where you can buy/download.
  9. To remove a recommendation from the list, swipe it to reveal a Remove button.
    Remove Item

Here are some sample recommendations from my iPod touch:

Genius for Apps leaves a lot to be desired. Perhaps with time the recommendations will improve as Genius learns more about my app use. I would like to be able to select an app to see recommendations rather than scrolling through random items. Additionally, I'd like to see Genius for Apps added to iTunes so I can browse recommendations on my desktop computer instead of on the handheld.

Of course, the best app recommendations for teaching and learning come from other iPod touch and iPhone-using educators. Here are some websites with lists of apps:

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