iPods Episode #16: iPod touch Tips

Learning in Hand: iPodsLearning in Hand: iPods Episode #16: iPod touch Tips is online. In this video podcast I share some of my favorite tips and tricks for Safari, text entry, and the Home screen.

In the video I do not attempt to show you the basics of using iPod touch. Mostly because Apple.com has a great iPod touch Guided Tour video and 116-page User Guide. Instead, I share tips that I hope are at least partly new to even experienced iPod touch and iPhone users. Here's a quick list:


  • Tap the time to skip to the top of the page
  • Double-tap a column or image to zoom in
  • Save an image by tapping and holding
  • Tap and hold a link to show its URL
  • Add a bookmark icon to the Home screen
  • Use bookmarklets to find text on a page, find similar pages, look up words, skip to the end of the page, and more
  • Turn iPod touch horizontally before entering a web address or search to get a larger keyboard

Text Entry

  • Double-tap Space for a period, space, and capitalization of the next word
  • Type "im" and "cant" and let iPod touch autocorrect to "I'm" and "can't"
  • Move the cursor by tapping, holding, and dragging
  • Enter student names into Contacts to add them to the auto-correct keyboard dictionary
  • Reset the keyboard dictionary in Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Home Screen

  • You can have up to 9 pages of apps for a total of 148
  • Tap the bottom right or left corners to move between pages
  • Tap and hold one icon until they all jiggle to rearrange them
  • Push the Home button to go to the first page of icons when on any other Home screen page
  • Put commonly used icons on the first page
  • Put most accessed icons in the dock
  • Download Backgrounds free from the App Store for thousands of images to use for wallpaper

Watch all 18 minutes of Episode #16 to see these tips in action!

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