iPod touch and Quizzes

A search of the App Store for iPod touch and iPhone reveals dozens of quiz applications. There are gobs of apps to study specific topics like: world capitals, Dutch, chemistry, spelling, SAT vocabulary, pop culture, and Roman numerals. While it's awesome that there are so many pre-made quizzes out there, teachers and students need to be able to make their very own quizzes. The App Store doesn't yet have many make-your-own-quiz apps. But, here are three I'd like to share with you.

Quiz Creator

Quiz Creator

Test Maker

Quiz Creator is somewhat clunky, but they appear to be making improvements. I like that it is pretty easy to create your quiz right on the iPod itself. And, you can attach an image from your iPod's Photo Library and record audio (requires a mic) to go with each question.

Typing in questions on the iPod touch's keyboard takes a long time. Quiz Creator offers an a way to make a quiz online at ifomia.com/quiz. After making a quiz online, you enter your email address to get the access code to download the quiz into the Quiz Creator app.




Although gFlash+ is a flash card app, it can also be used in multiple-choice mode for quizzing. You can download various quizzes that gFlash+ offers online. You cannot make your own card sets on the iPod itself; you make your own quizzes following a template in Google Docs and then share that document with gFlash's email.

AppVee has a minute-and-half long video review of gFlash+ which gives a good overview of its features.

While gFlash+ is free of charge, it does display small banner ads.


Free or $4.99


iFlipr let you download sets of flash cards made by other users or create your own. Like gFlash+, iFlipr also has a multiple-choice mode.

In order to create flash cards, you must register with an email address and password. While it's a very good thing you can create your own cards on the iPod touch, it's faster to create them on the desktop and download them to your iPod--a feature iFlipr does offer.

AppVee has a minute-and-half long video review of iFlipr which gives a good overview of its features. The developer offers a nine-minute intro video.

iFlipr Lite has a ten-card limit. The full version of iFlipr is $4.99 and removes that limitation.

I always say that having students create their own study aids, it only aids in their study. Admittedly, these apps aren't the best the App Store has to offer. Their ease-of-use and ability to share quizzes/flash cards could use some work. But it's a good start and I suspect we'll be seeing more make-your-own-quiz apps soon.