National Educational Computing Conference 2007

NECC 2007The National Educational Computer Conference (NECC) is June 24-27 in Atlanta, Georgia. I'll be there and I hope you can join me for some (or all) of these events:

On Monday, June 25, I'll be on the panel Mobile, Digital, Ubiquitous: Solutions for Learning with Handhelds. Julie Lindsay has assembled a great group of panelists: Judy Breck, Graham Brown-Martin, Mike Curtis, and Janice Kelly. Here's the description: Panel members present solutions for curriculum integration, multimedia inclusion, and best practice of mobile technologies for learning at any age.

Stylus-PenOn Tuesday, June 26, I'll be presenting the poster session Beam Me Up! Free Handheld Materials for Teaching and Learning. This is a somewhat informal time to stop by and pick from a list of applications, files, and documents I can beam to your Palm handheld or Pocket PC. I'll bring lots of orange stylus pens--so please ask for one. Here's the poster session description: Explore free applications and uses for Palms and Pocket PCs from every curriculum area. Return to school with engaging activities to use with students!

On Wednesday, June 27, I'll present the lecture session I Didn't Know You Could Do That with an iPod! I'll be demonstrating many of the great things iPods can do for teaching and learning. Here's the description: Go beyond simple audio and video to use iPods as motivating learning tools. Learn about interactive texts, RSS feeds, flash cards, quizzes, and more!

There are more NECC events for those interested in handheld computing. The Special Interest Group for Handheld Computing (SIG-HC) has a list of handheld sessions on their wiki. I hope see you there!