Handhelds Rise as Educational Tool

There's a great article published in The Daily Times. PDAs Rise as Educational Tool by Monique Lewis (published September 24, 2007) features the use of Palm handhelds in Wicomico County school system in Salisbury, Maryland. I like these kinds of newspaper articles because they are written to get the public interested in educational handheld computing and give clear examples of how handhelds are used in classrooms.

Integration Coach Chris Cuppett is mentioned in the article and you may want to check out his book, Handheld Applications for the Classroom. Patti Weeg is also quoted in The Daily Times article. She's a technology teacher at Delmar Elementary. Her website, Palms, a HANDy Way to Learn, has lots of goodies for you to download.

Using handhelds at your school? Consider inviting the media to see what handheld computing is all about. If your article turns out as good as PDAs Rise as Educational Tool, you'll probably build more support for your program!