Get StyleTap While It's Cheap(er)

StyleTap, Inc. issued a press release announcing the last chance to take advantage of discount pricing for the StyleTap Platform. The StyleTap platform opens up the world of applications for the Palm Operating System on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. After downloading and installing StyleTap on your Pocket PC, it's easy to install Palm applications to your device. In fact, I can beam Palm programs from my Palm handheld to my Pocket PC (I used BeamPro to send more than one file at a time and it worked like a charm). Virtually all of the Palm programs I've installed on my Pocket PC work just fine. Keep in mind that StyleTap doesn't support syncing data between the Palm applications and your desktop computer.

You can try StyleTap for 14 days. The preview price of StyleTap is $29.95 until version 1.0 debuts in October. The press release says that the price will increase significantly at that time (but you get a free upgrade to StyleTap 1.0). Keep in mind that. bulk education orders can receive a discount.

If you are using Pocket PCs with students, I highly suggest looking into purchasing StyleTap before the price increases. One of the reasons I typically recommend Palm handhelds instead of Pocket PCs is because of all of the great software available. StyleTap is a really nice addition for Pocket PC users. (And if you are writing a grant or requesting funding for Pocket PCs, be sure to include the cost of StyleTap-it will allow you to do so much more with handhelds!)

StyleTap Launcher is like the Palm's Launcher.
MathAce on Windows Mobile.
Palm applications also appear on the Pocket PC's Programs screen.