Algebraf & More in Warrington

Algebraf ScreenSixth graders Steve and Richard wrote about Handheld Computers for the Jaffe Journal. In their essay, the students explain some of the programs they use on their Palm Tungsten Es, including SpellIT, Dropairs, Quizzler, and Sketchy. Steve and Richard also mentions Algebraf. Algebraf is a free Palm program where you solve a system of equations represented by icons. Each different icon represents a digit 0-9 and it's quite a challenge to even complete the first level of Algebraf. Each level is more difficult than the last.

Memos ScreenRichard, one of the writers of the Handheld Computers essay, is an Algebraf expert (among other things). Richard's teacher, Jason Jaffe, sent me a screenshot (he must be using PdaReach or Handshare and a Windows computer) showing Richard's progress in Algebraf. Richard has made it to level 51. That's certainly the highest I have ever heard of! Part of Richard's strategy is recording his attempts in Memos (see the screenshot to the left).

Algebraf's developer says that there are 69 levels. I bet Richard will complete all 69 levels before the conclusion of the school year. When that happens, I hope he shares with us what his handheld's screen tells him!

Mr. Jaffe has a remarkable website for his sixth grade class in Warrington, Pennsylvania. Besides the Journal and a section about handheld computers, the site has a monthly podcast that is truly outstanding, showcasing the work by many fine students like Steve and Richard.