Taking Care of Business

Tony VincentI wrote yesterday about leaving my job as a public school teacher. I’ve shed tears over this decision, but I know this is going to be best for me. Heck, it’s going to be best for you! I've made this choice so that I can concentrate more on learninginhand. Additionally, I have some exciting new projects I want to pursue. I just hope I can make a living at this. Actually, I’m going to ask you to recommend my professional development services to others. In the past, I didn't seek out speaking and workshop engagements (I guess they sought out me). Now, without being tethered to a school's calendar, I can travel whenever I like. I love to speak at schools, universities, and conferences. Even more, I enjoy conducting hands-on workshops. Whether it’s handheld computing, podcasting, blogging, digital video, or websites, I endeavor to inspire and motivate teachers to use new learning tools. I've already worked with students, teachers, or a combination of both in 17 states. Though most of my summer is pretty well booked, August and September are somewhat empty on my calendar. That would be a great time for me to energize teachers with new strategies, activities, and techniques for engaging students in learning. I appreciate any business you send my way. Thank you.