Wish Me Luck

Clovers & RainbowYesterday I informed my principal that I will be quitting my job after this school year. Yes, I’ll be leaving Willowdale, one of the best schools on the face of the planet. Why? Well, as much as I adore the staff and students at Willowdale, I’m also being pulled in another direction. I immensely enjoy helping teachers use new learning tools. I’m ready to write more books. I’ve got a full summer of conferences and workshops. It’s so great being able to travel and meet folks from around the country. I love that my ideas and resources are helping teachers, most of whom I have never met. I am constantly amazed that something I type in my little Nebraska home makes its way to people across the globe. For a few years now I’ve tried to balance my passion for sharing with my love of teaching in a public school. I just can no longer do both as there just aren’t enough hours in the day for everything I want to do. I'm probably crazy for leaving such a great gig at Willowdale. Please wish me luck as I continue on my journey...

Here is what I wrote in an email my Willowdale colleagues:

I have made the decision to end my employment with Millard Public Schools after this school year. In some ways it was a difficult choice. I have taught at Willowdale for eight years, and I respect, admire, and consider everyone in the building a good friend. I have learned so much from each and every one of you. I am constantly amazed at the support Willowdale staff has given me over the years. I love you guys!

I'm not moving. I'm not unhappy at Willowdale. I'm not leaving the education field. I'm not even leaving for another job. I hope to continue helping teachers and students learn and grow by writing books, speaking at events, and giving workshops. I'm excited to be my own boss (though I am certain that Susan is a far better one). I look forward to traveling. I look forward to connecting with educators and making a difference in the lives of students. Right now is the time I need to try this. Not only will it be an exciting change, but I will have more time for my cats, family, friends, and me.

My employment may be ending with Millard, but I hope to continue to learn about education and technology by volunteering time at the best school around--Willowdale. In the meantime, I hope that you can learn as much from me as you can in the next couple of months. I'm willing to help you learn anything I know how to do. Let's continue to be a leader in educational technology and finish the year with great learning opportunities for students!

I'm thrilled with the new direction my career will take, but I'm sad that I won't see my Willowdale family as often. I hope that I will be missed, but I also hope that you are happy for me.