What iPad Can Do for You and Your Students


Please download the apps below before coming to the workshop.

It's really easy to find and install these apps if you open this page on your iPad and click these links:

Please bring a fully charged iPad and know your App Store iTunes ID and password so you can download free apps during the workshop. The Arizona K12 Center does have some iPads availabe for check out onsite.

Engage today's students with the hottest technology around: iPad. Former teacher Tony Vincent has specialized in using mobile computers for learning for a decade, and he has useful information, strategies, tips, and ideas to share. There are hundreds of apps for iPad that make it a fantastic teaching and learning tool. Spend the day learning iPad basics while exploring iPad's role in classrooms. You'll get hand-on and minds-on time with some of the hottest apps for teachers and students. Participants will learn about working with audio, images, comics, slideshows, video, jigsaw puzzles, eBooks, QR codes, puppet shows, and much more. In fact, the focus will be on workflows, that is, using a variety of apps to accomplish a task. Whether you have one iPad, a small set, or one for each and every student, you will leave with loads of  ideas you can immediately put to use in your classroom!




QR Codes


iOS Tips


  • Croak.it app can record up to 30 seconds of audio and provide a URL



  • Transfer images from one iPad to another using Bump app
  • Transfer from iPad to a Mac or PC using the website bump





  • Mad Lips app ($1.99) for adding a talking mouth to any photo
  • iMovie app ($4.99) for making movies and movie trailers
  • Splice app for making movies for free




Word cloud from October 13th's workshop. "App Used Regularly"

Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 9.59.39 AM.png