1. Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand iPod touch Pages
    1. Subscribe to the blog via email
    2. iPhone name tag generator
    3. App Store metrics
    4. Quickwordword processor
    5. Dictionary.comfull dictionary and thesaurus
    6. Mad Libs
    7. Miss Spell's Class
    8. Free Spanish Dictionary
    9. KickYouTube for downloading videos
    10. MPEG-4 is the only video format that plays on iPods. Ends with .mp4 or .m4v
    11. CNN Student News
    12. Wirenodefor creating mobile websites
    13. Inflationcalculator
    14. How to take screenshots
    15. Comic Touch
    16. Strip Designer
    17. Up in Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles
    18. Save an image in Safari by tapping and holding the image until the Save Image button appears.
    19. Math Drills
    20. Pop Math Lite
    21. Algebra Quiz
    22. Lemonade Stand
    23. iPod touch requires a microphone. Choice includeThumbTacks,TuneTalk, andearbuds with mic.
    24. Dragon Dictation for voice-to-text 
    25. Posterous for easy audio podcasting
    26. SketchyandFlipbookfor animations
    27. Random Activity Generator
    28. HandDBasefor creating your own database
    29. eWalk/MxMobile and iObserve/SuperVision
    30. Doodle.com and Doodle for iPhone/iPod touch for scheduling meetings 
    31. iPhone/iPod touch for Administrators at Apple Learning Interchange 

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