School Tools

Remind: Announcements and messages you send through or the Remind app will automatically be displayed in the widget. Here are directions for getting the embed code.


Seesaw: Seesaw is a learning journal where students can each contribute text, images, videos, and files to a portfolio. All students work is kept private unless specifically shared. To share as a widget, click the three dots next to the item and click Share Item. Up pops a box with embed code for you to copy. Thanks to Kristen Brooks for sharing her Woodstock Elementary students' video below. It's embedded from Seesaw.

PollDeep: Enter a multiple choice question and get the embed code. 

Photos For Class: Students and teachers can search through Creative Commons licensed images at The site provides a widget so that a copyright-friendly search can be entered on our own website. When images are downloaded through Photos for Class, the citation is automatically attached to the bottom of the image.



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