1. Use the Settings app to make WiFi connections, change brightness, and adjust keyclick sounds.
  2. Safari is the web browser on iPod touch.
  3. Go to mkaz.com/nametag in Safari to make a name tag.
  4. New verbs to use with iPod touch include tap, two-finger tap, double tap, slide, swipe, flick, two-finger slide, pinch, and spread.
  5. Add a bookmark as an icon on the Home screen by tapping the + and tapping Add to Home Screen.
  6. Find free podcasts and iTunes collections in the iTunes Store. Angles Example.
  7. Save an image from a web page by tapping and holding the image until the Save Image button appears.
  8. Set up email on the devices so that students can send text and images. Create a free Gmail email address to use with iPods. Set up the Gmail as an Exchange Server to avoid SSH errors.
  9. Use the Notes app as a text editor. The first line of a note is its title. Notes can be emailed.
  10. Posterous is a free blog service that accepts postings through email. The teacher can moderate posts and comments before they appear.
  11. The Posterous site for today's workshop is at lihipod.posterous.com.
  12. iPod touches without cameras require an external microphone in order to record audio.
  13. Record audio using the Voice Memos app. Voice Memos can be syncs to a computer (see a video) or emailed as an attachment.
  14. Speaking Mistakes
    1. Talking too fast
    2. Dropping off ends of words
    3. Popping Ps
    4. Puking
    5. Eating the mic
    6. Touching the mic
    7. Speaking Suggestions
      1. Enunciate clearly
      2. Speak at a normal volume
      3. Talk as if you are speaking to a friend
      4. Prepare & practice
      5. Record in short portions
      6. Reduce background noise
      7. Smile!
      8. The App Store is an app on iPod touch and a section of the iTunes Store on Mac and Windows.
      9. Dragon Dictation is a speech-to-text app. Copy the dictated text into any other app.
      10. Dictionary.com is a dictionary and thesaurus.
      11. Doodle Buddy is a drawing app.
      12. Images and pictures are saved and accessible through the Photos app.
      13. Inflation is an inflation calculator.
      14. Take a screenshot by holding the Sleep (top) button and quickly pressing the Home button. The screen will flash and the screenshot is saved in the Photos app.
      15. Maps uses Google's maps, satellite images, and street view panoramas.
      16. Adobe Photoshop Express allows for cropping, resizing, rotating, and enhancing images.
      17. Color Magic turns photos black and white and allows you to color an object.
      18. GeoMaster - US States is a game for learning states and capitals.
      19. Comic Touch Lite is the app for adding speech bubbles and captions to photos.
      20. Bump is the app for sending photos or contacts to another handheld.
      21. Strip Designer can make comic strips with up to four frames.
      22. Word Warp is a game where you make as many words as you can out of the given letters. You can look up the words once the game is finished.
      23. iBooks is the app for storing and reading PDFs and eBooks.
      24. Contacts can be used to make vocabulary glossaries. Instead of inputting people, put vocabulary words and definitions.
      25. Flashcard Touch is the app for using and making flashcards. You can browse the Quizlet library of quizzes, make your own on the device, or make your own on Quizlet.com.
      26. SonicPics combines photos and narration into a video file. Watch a video to learn more.
      27. Combine images, text, and audio into online storybooks using StoryKit.
      28. View animal, plant, and bacteria cells in 3D using iCell.
      29. Teachers use eClicker Host to set up questions for students to respond to using eClickerRead the PDF manual for eClicker.
      30. Sketchy by GoKnow is the app for making animated cartoons.
      31. Practice math facts with Math Drills.
      32. Practice fraction number sense with Motion Math.
      33. Make as much money as you can in 30 days by playing Lemonade Stand.
      34. Narrate as you draw and play it back using SpokenMotion.
      35. Atomic Web Browser is an alternative to Safari. It has tabbed browsing and search on page.
      36. Idea Sketch is great for making mind maps and outlines.
      37. Shorten URLs before asking students to type them in using shortening services like tinyurl.com, bit.ly, and j.mp.
      38. Dos and Don'ts for iPod touches in the classroom.