Classy Graphics Testimonials

Educators who have participated in Tony Vincent's Classy Graphics have lots of nice things to say about the online class. Whether they were new to Google Drawings or they thought they knew it all, classmates in Classy Graphics learned and grew as teachers and designers. 

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Cathy Hink writes about "the ripples of inspiration and learning that have resulted due to a well-designed online course and collaborating with like-minded teachers from around the world." Read her blog post.
"To get what we got the past 6 weeks for only $100 - that's amazing!!! I am a digital learning specialist, Google Level 1 and 2 certified and I feel like I have learned so much in the last few weeks. Thank you!”
Andrea Gardner
"Tony, this class went far above what I thought it would be :-) I loved all the videos and the 'extras'. You went above and beyond! I agree with Andrea Gardner, I too am Google Level 1 and 2 certified and received so much great 'new' information. Google Drawings for some reason is underutilized.”
Don Yerks
"I liked learning how to use Google Drawings in new and inventive ways - each week I learned something new and applicable.”
Carol Nelson
"Before being part of this class, I have only used Google Classroom with my class where I am the teacher. From this class I have learnt that collaboration and peer feedback is possible by asking students to post links to their assignments and making - I just hadn't thought of this work around before! Being able to see how others complete tasks has been extremely valuable it is gives us more ideas. In my school I am the Digital Technologies key teacher and our school is currently rolling out student g suite accounts. As a result of this class I have decided to run my own google classroom for teachers (who will be my students) to help up skill them in all things google. ”
Jacinta Keenan
"I have genuinely loved participating in the Classy Graphics course. I wasn't sure about doing the course at first as I am not currently teaching kids, and I wasn't too familiar with the Google suite of tools. But I have learnt heaps, and not learning in isolation - real, practical, exciting and usable strategies that will help me in my mission of trying to make educators' lives a tiny bit easier with the free materials I create. Tony, I must thank you for having taken so much time and effort to create the Google Classroom and all the learning materials for us. I have enjoyed your flashes of humour, valued your constant encouragement and feedback and been so impressed by your professionalism and expertise. There's also been a great spirit of sharing and encouragement from other participants, and I have really valued their feedback."
Susan Stephenson
"When I started this class, i was studying for my Google Certified Educator 2 Test, yet didn't know the first thing about Drawings, except how to access it! I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and everything we did as part of the learning process. I feel 100% positive that I now have the skills to do just about anything I need to do in Drawings. The class was fun and Tony is a fantastic, hard working, and innovative teacher. I would definitely take other classes from Tony!"
Patti DePriest
"The Classy Graphics course has completely revitalized my design process. Through Tony and my classmates, I have learned so many tricks and resources that I can use personally and pass on to my students and colleagues. I have been so inspired by the work of my classmates and am honored to have been in a learning community with them. It has been a great experience and I highly recommend the Classy Graphics course to any educator, designer, or person who just wants to have fun!

Tony, you have been a wonderful instructor! Your enthusiasm is contagious and I greatly appreciate all of the feedback you have provided on my work. Even though the class was online and we are all distances apart, I felt like you were personally invested in all of our work. That is something that I didn’t even get from my college professors who I saw every day for five years! Thank you for a great summer of learning and I hope to do another!"
Melissa Kultgen

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"I am so thankful I decided to take the risk and register for Tony Vincent's #ClassyGraphics course! It was the best online learning I have ever experienced. Moreover, the way he facilitated our learning provided a great example of how to make Google Classroom truly engaging, innovative, collaborative, and feedback driven. I walked away with a variety of Google Drawing designs that I created and received wonderful feedback on that I am already using to further develop my professional growth and effectiveness as an Instructional Coach. Moreover, the specific tips and amazing resources that Tony shared with all of us are ones that I know my fellow Teachers are going to find extremely useful as they integrate technology more to support their Learning Outcomes. I cannot wait for my fellow colleagues to delve into this underutilized but packed with a lot of learning and design possibilities in Google Drawings.

I always looked forward to Tony's weekly video tutorials. Not only would he walk us through the process of designing something unique with Google Drawings, provide tips, but he would also illustrate and explain exemplars from our fellow classmate's designs from the prior week. What made this course truly collaborative is that he would encourage us to all provide each other's designs with feedback and the feedback that Tony provided on every single design we submitted was always helpful, specific, actionable, and based on how to become even more effective designers. I was so inspired by the different designs that my fellow class mates created and truly speaks to the many possibilities that emerge when creativity is encouraged. Although each week's focus was on a particular theme such as designing graphic organizers, or working with images & colors, developing an Infographic, or creating interactive learning experiences using Google Drawings, Tony always provided a menu of choices on how we wanted to demonstrate our week's learning.

I am sad to see this course end but am so inspired by what I walked away with. I look forward to many more having this same wonderful learning experience and seeing on Twitter the #ClassyGraphics that those who register in Tony's future courses design. Tony is one of the most innovative & tech savvy Educators out there but most importantly, he's a wonderful Teacher who knows how to use impactful instructional and learning strategies via Google Classroom. Most of all, he is caring and giving and believes in the importance creating learning communities for ourselves as Educators and especially the Students we serve. "
Noemi Reyes
"This class is absolutely amazing!!! I can't believe how much we covered during these couple of summer weeks. I keep telling everyone about all of these super cool ideas and tricks that are mind blowing.

Before I started taking this class, I felt pretty comfortable with Google Draw. I worked with my students daily using Google Suites to create projects and presentations. They used Google Draw to draw little stick people or little items to include in their presentations. Life was good and everyone was happy.

Then I started this class...This class made me realize that I have been producing the same "rerun TV show" every year. I would present to the students a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream in a cone. It was great because everyone loves vanilla. Once I watched the first Classy Graphics video, my "TV station" switched over to color TV. I suddenly gained another scoop of ice cream when I started learning about how to create graphic organizers and how to make my round rectangles a little more rounder.

Then I gained another ice cream scoop with sprinkles on top when we explored how to create Sticky notes! This was one of my favorite activities. I knew that I was no longer able to go back to my simple "black and white TV show". I was now hooked on "color TV" and couldn't wait for more!

The following weeks were all very impressive and kept adding more ice cream scoops to my cone. One of the most amazing parts from all of these lessons was all of the resources provided. My favorite resources were all of the color sites and free images sites. I can't wait to keep exploring these resources.

I kept wanting to learn more and I was never bored especially when it came to Shapeograms. When Shapeograms 1 opened, I felt pretty confident in recreating the shapes. Little did I know that each Shapeogram would introduce new challenges and new skills to learn!!! I am still amazed and can't figure out how in the world you came up with this clever activity to teach us! Ending with the Clown Shapeogram was just insane!

I am very thankful that I said "yes" to taking this class. Thank you for changing my "Black & white Rerun TV Show with one scoop of vanilla ice cream" to a "color TV Show with lots of scoops of ice cream with toppings on top!" I look forward to learning more from your classes and Twitter! "
Cindy Gonzalez

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