Chatroom for the workshop is at

Steve Wozniak and Leonard Nimoy talk about a universal translator on YouTube

Google Translate app

Scan QR codes using i-nigma app.

Make QR codes at

Make forms using Google Docs.

Make word clouds at Wordle.netWon't work on iPads.


A webapp is a website that acts like an app, but there's no software to install. is a drawing webapp.


Share predictions using

Connect to background knowledge using podcasts and other videos.

Contribute sticky notes to a canvas using Linoit.comCreate your own canvases by logging in and choosing to allow anyone to post stickies and guest to post stickies. Do not list the canvas on Public Canvases. 

How to set up Gmail for school iPads

PaperPort Notes app for annotating a website, PowerPoint, or PDF.

iTalk Recorder app for recording audio and emailing the files. This app is not necessary on iPod touch and iPhone since they come with the Voice Memos app preinstalled. for collecting student work. Adjust your spaces settings to allow for anyone to post, you will moderate. Watch Tony's podcast about using Posterous for blogs and audio podcasts.

Our Posterous blog for the workshop is at

Skitch app for annotating photos, images, and screenshots. iPad only.

Take a screenshot by holding down the Home buttona while quickly pressing and releasing the Sleep button. The screenshot is saved into the Photos app.

iOS Tips

Comic Touch Lite app for adding speech bubbles, though bubbles, captions to an image.

Bump app for transferring images from one device to another.

Up in Pieces (a.k.a. PuzzleGame) app for making any image into a payable jigsaw puzzle.

Scribble Press app for making books and publishing them online.

Splice for editing video, adding transitions, and adding titles. for creating flashcards and games with vocabulary words.

Flashcards* app for importing Quizlet sets and creating flash cards on an iPad.

Make Bingo Cards at


iBooks app

Garbage! Monster! Burp! eBook for iBooks

 Create mind maps using Popplet app.

Use notes and highlights to indicate predictions, connections, questions, and favorite parts. 


Use to give quizzes on iPads.

Retell the story using PuppetPals app or Scribble Press app.

Redo the story using Storykit app or Scribble Press app.

Myths about iOS and iPads

Math Apps Pinterest Board

Great (but expensive) productivity software: QuickOffice Pro HD. It opens, edits, and saves word process, spreadsheet, and slideshow documents from Office, Dropbox, Box, and Google Docs. 

 Great resources for apps:

More Opportunities Belong in Learning Environments

Miscellaneous iPad stuff: