One of My Favorite Apps


Kyshea Koehler is a sixth grader in Sara Heine's class in Bellevue, Nebraska. Each student in the class has an iPad and they are doing some amazing things. Stick Around is one of Kyshea's favorite apps and here is what she wrote on her Coca-Koehler blog:

One of my favorite apps I use in school on the iPads is stick around.  Stick around is one of my favorite apps because for me it is easy to use.  Stick around is an app that you can make a puzzle with and those puzzles can help you memorize vocabulary words or help you with a test coming up.  This app can also be just a study game or a fun game that you and your friends can play.

I have used this app for science, reading, and language arts.  Also for the answers they don’t have to be words they can be pictures too.  The app that I use is not just a game it’s a learning tool that I use in class.  Have you made any sick around puzzles?  If so, what where they for and what was it about?  Here is one I made.

My Stick Around Puzzle

P.S.  You will have to open my puzzle on an iPad in Safari.